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Selma Arain


Selma Arain BA Hons LCHE, trained for 4 years at the Centre for Homeopathic Education in London before travelling to Bombay to further her clinical experience under Dr Farokh Master.

She has been practicing in London since 2004, offering treatment in all areas of child & adult health but with a special interest in hormonal & digestive issues.

Having witnessed the success of Homeopathy in treating both acute & chronic conditions over the last 10 years, Selma is committed to helping others improve their health with this gentle and holistic system of medicine.

With its emphasis on treating the person, rather than the disease, Homeopathy helps to restore balance on every level – mental, emotional & physical.

It is a safe form of treatment for every age, including during pregnancy, labour and infancy.



First Appointment:            Follow up:

Adults:    £55                       £45

Children: £40                    £30

(Remedies included)

To book an appointment with Selma, call Health Matters on 020 8441 8335



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