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Paul Michael

Herbal and Endobiogenic Medicine, GAPS Practitioner


Paul Michael BA, BSc Hons, MCPP, NHS Registered is a graduate, with first class honours of the Herbal Medicine degree programme at Middlesex University and a member of the Professional governing body; The College Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP).

He is a qualified Western Medical Herbalist and Practitioner of Endobiogenic Medicine.

Paul Michael has trained for over 7 years with Dr Jean-Claude Lapraz and uses the endobiogenic approach in conjunction with classical herbal medicine to treat a wide range of conditions.


Paul has also written articles for the Positive Health magazine; a leading magazine in the field of complementary medicine. He practices at Health Matters London.


He has also hosted a series of radio talk shows, focusing on the approach of modern herbal medicine in the treatment of disease. Paul Michael is one of the committee members of the society of endobiogenic medicine in the UK.


Endobiogenic Medicine is a complete medical system used to target, treat and prevent disease. It integrates the wisdom of ancient herbal medicine with modern innovative medical knowledge.


It takes a new approach to the treatment of disease, to how the body works, and to why imbalances sometimes develop. Endobiogenic medicine centres on the role of the hormonal system as the ‘manager’ of the complex interrelations between all the body’s systems, its organs, tissues and cells.


Consultation Fees

First appointment:                                                   £90
Follow up appointment [30 minutes]:                      £65
Endobiogenic Blood test follow up appointment:    £80 [excludes blood test fee]

For more information on his practices or to book an appointment with Paul call Health Matters on 0208 441 8335

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