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Paul Michael


​ Paul has trained for over 7 years with Dr Jean-Claude Lapraz, and in his practice uses the endobiogenic approach in conjunction with classical herbal medicine. Paul has written articles for Positive Health Magazine, and has hosted a series of radio talk shows focusing on the approach of modern herbal medicine in the treatment of disease. He is also the author of; 'Treating Digestive Disorders from an Endobiogenic Perspective: an innovative system of plant medicine'.

  Paul has been involved in the teaching of endobiogenic medicine in the UK and is one of the founders of the Endobiogenic Medicine Society of the UK (EMS). He has also trained in the traditional Chinese internal healing arts of Qigong and Tai Chi and has a very strong interest in mind–body medicine.

Consultation fees

First appointment (1 hour)                                                        £160 

Follow up appointment (30 minutes)                                        £100

Endobiogenic Blood test follow up appointment (1 hour)         £160

(excludes blood test fee)

If you would like to book the endobiogenic blood test (functional biology) please call Health Matters

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