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Health Matters London

Because Your Health Matters

Health Matters London is a unique family run natural health store based in Barnet. What makes it really special is our knowledgeable, friendly staff and their passion for all things healthy and natural.

We also offer an amazing range of products and services; everything from a cup of organic coffee to in- depth consultations on natural remedies for serious chronic conditions.

But it’s the depth and breadth of natural health knowledge available at Health Matters London that sets us apart from many high street health food stores.

Combine this with a substantial range of high quality supplements, herbal medicines foods and cosmetics and it’s easy to understand why we are so popular with the local community.


We also have regular special offers in store & online.

Paul Michael, director of Health Matters London, consultant medical herbalist and Endobiogenic medicine expert, outlines their philosophy:

“We believe that when we put the best into our bodies our bodies will give us the best back


That’s why we aim to supply the best in natural health products and services.


We strive to source top quality remedies in addition to providing excellent natural medicines and alternative therapies”

Paul runs a herbal pharmacy and consultancy service from the shop in Barnet:

“The herbal pharmacy operates on a drop in basis for more minor complaints and enables me to tailor herbal remedies to customers exact needs.


A consultancy service is available for more serious and complex health matters”

Paul is also our resident medical herbalist. He is trained in western herbal medicine and NHS registered. He also practices endobiogenic medicine and is a fully qualified GAPS therapist.

Health Matters also offers consultations with a range of qualified healthcare professionals. See the clinic page for details

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